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Start to sell on Facebook via online store

May 30, 2014 1 comment

Start to sell on Facebook via online store

We are glad to announce that we have upgraded our Facebook store to make it look better and to make it much easier to generate sales.The new Miiduu Facebook store will be installed to your Facebook tab page and all the featured products in your Miiduu store will display with large, clear pictures, like Pinterest.The height and width limit has been removed from the Facebook store, meaning your store visitors will be able to view your products more clearly. Both you and your customers can easily share your products with the ‘Share’ button under each product.What’s more, with the new version when your customers order products in the Facebook store, they’ll be guided to your Miiduu store directly. This way it’s much easier for your customers to finish the checkout process.

We hope you enjoy the update.


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Don’t Just Wait for Customers to Come to You, Go to Them!

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Obviously, the number one goal of your eCommerce site is to sell products, and this can only be done if your site has visitors. So we spend a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how drive traffic to our sites. Sure, SEO is a very powerful tool when attracting customers to your business, but the web is a constantly changing place and you always need to be ready to embrace the next big thing.

A little while back we talked about attracting business by inserting your store in Facebook. Aside from the crazy amount of traffic that Facebook gets, one reason it is such a great tool for ecommerce is that you get to be proactive and go to your customer instead of just waiting for them to come to you. Well, now MiiDuu is giving you another way to do this. You can now embed your products anywhere on the web! That’s right! MiiDuu now provides you with a code that you can insert into your blog, your main website, your e-mail, your MySpace page… anywhere you can paste some HTML code (and javascript is enabled), you can insert your product.

Your embedded product will display an image of the product, the product title, the price, and a button that let’s users link straight to your shopping cart! Just click the Embed link next to Edit in your Dashboard’s Product page. You’ll be able to choose the size of the image, as well as decide whether you want your button to say Buy Now or Add to Cart. You can preview what it will look like in real time, so don’t worry about grabbing the wrong code!

What are you waiting for? Head over to today and get started!


The Facebook Application for MiiDuu is Officially Ready for Use!

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Here at MiiDuu we’re very excited to announce that the MiiDuu Shop application for Facebook is ready to use! We’ve put a lot of time into making it as easy to use and professional looking as possible, so we hope you find this new feature as exciting as we do!

Not only did Facebook recently surpass Google as the world’s most visited site, but people who use Facebook do so often and for longer periods of time. Facebook states that “people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook” and that half of their active users (around 250,000,000 people) log on to Facebook on any given day. That means, on average, each user is on Facebook for around one and a half hours a day! Clearly, being able to utilize this social network as a sales tool will reap large rewards, but even better is the fact that being able to fully integrate your store into a Facebook page is still a new phenomenon, so you have the chance to get in on this exciting new feature on the ground floor. If used to it’s full potential, this feature could grow your business farther than you ever thought possible.

Don’t worry, MiiDuu’s commitment to making our site easy to use while providing free, fully functional, professional stores remains strong with our integration into Facebook. Linking up your existing MiiDuu store to a Facebook page can be done in just a few clicks with easy to follow instructions. The MiiDuu team has also designed a professional looking layout and theme optimized for use in Faceook, so you don’t have to worry about anything but expanding your customer base. With such great marketing potential at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Integrate your store into Facebook now! Don’t have a store? No worries, just head over to today and sign up! You’ll be selling on Facebook in no time!

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The Rise of Facebook Integration

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Here at MiiDuu we’ve been working hard to complete an app that will allow users to fully integrate their store into Facebook. Your products, categories, description, and even your theme will be available in a tab on your business’s Facebook page. Users will not only be able to shop, but also “Like” and comment on your products.  We think it’s pretty cool, because it not only allows you grow your customer base and boost sales, but it makes shopping easier for the customer and makes it more social.

We’re really excited about it, so we’ve been busy getting ready for the launch. This means, of course, doing some new keyword research*.  So I went to Google Insights for Search and got the following graph for the search term “Facebook Integration”:

Graph of the Rise of the Search Term "Facebook Integration"

It’s amazing how quickly Facebook has grown over the last two years. Just a year ago the search was only about half as popular! This really drives home how important social media is to your business. Not only do you need to be promoting your business with social media, you need to be fully integrating into them. The other thing I noticed was how this search is only popular in the United States. Facebook started in the US, but it is now a worldwide community. It will be interesting to watch how quickly this Facebook integration craze seeps into the greater online community. Perhaps if you (or your customer base) is  from outside the United States you still have time to get into the integration craze relatively early.

Here’s another (albeit probably much less statistically accurate) example for those of us who  like cartoons more than charts and graphs 🙂 :

According to Wikipedia, a study revealed Facebook as the most used social network (based on monthly active users) in January 2009. In comparison, this cartoon from is from Spring 2007 which is based on the artist’s research: Social Network Map Social Network Map

So there you go. Whether you prefer charts or comics, it’s pretty clear that social networking is here to stay. If you want to be here to stay as well*, you better integrate with Facebook ASAP!

*Speaking of being here to stay: have you done your keyword research for your blog/store?? Have you updated it recently? This is an integral part of getting (and MAINTAINING) your web traffic, so make sure this is a regularly recurring item on your SEO/Marketing to-do list!

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