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Start to sell on Facebook via online store

May 30, 2014 1 comment

Start to sell on Facebook via online store

We are glad to announce that we have upgraded our Facebook store to make it look better and to make it much easier to generate sales.The new Miiduu Facebook store will be installed to your Facebook tab page and all the featured products in your Miiduu store will display with large, clear pictures, like Pinterest.The height and width limit has been removed from the Facebook store, meaning your store visitors will be able to view your products more clearly. Both you and your customers can easily share your products with the ‘Share’ button under each product.What’s more, with the new version when your customers order products in the Facebook store, they’ll be guided to your Miiduu store directly. This way it’s much easier for your customers to finish the checkout process.

We hope you enjoy the update.


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