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Is Your Online Store Ready for the Holidays?

With Halloween just a week away, the holiday season is quickly approaching. It doesn’t take an MBA to know this is a very big deal for online retailers! For small retailers especially, this time of year is crucial. Is your store fully optimized for the holiday season? Let’s run through some quick tips and reminders on how to move your store up the search engine results and boost your holiday sales!

1) First you should make sure that you’ve done all you can to publicize your store. MiiDuu has a whole FAQ page about 5 ways to promote your store, so make sure to check it out. To summarize though, make sure that your social media campaign is fresh and exciting, write plenty of articles, be active on any forums or comment threads you participate in, and update your blog! The holidays make people want to reconnect, so odds are they’ll be on Facebook even more than usual around this time. Make sure to get your online store directly in your business’s Facebook page with MiiDuu’s Shop Builder application on Facebook! You can get started putting your store directly in your Facebook page here.

2) Make sure your site is visually optimized as well. You’ll hopefully be getting a ton of new customers, so you want them to stick around long enough to buy something! Make sure your site is as easy to navigate as possible, and that your categories and sub categories are well optimized. Run frequent mock purchases to make sure things are going smoothly and you aren’t loosing any customers to technical issues. You might also think of putting up some special seasonal banners to keep customers in a cheery holiday mood. If you have any seasonal products, make sure to list them as featured items!

3) CIO offers some great tips as well, which are worth repeating. The first is to remarket to existing customers. With the amount of time people spend on the internet and the number of webpages they view a day, even if an old customer had a great experience shopping your store it could easily slip his or her mind when writing up a gift list. Send out a newsletter reminding all of your old customers that you’re here! Even if they don’t go to your store immediately after reading the newsletter, you will have placed your store back in their consciousness and they’ll be more likely to remember you when it’s time to buy gifts.

4) The newsletter reminds me of another good point made in the CIO article: DISCOUNT! Everyone loves a discount, and this is especially true around the holidays! The days following Thanksgiving and Christmas are notoriously busy shopping days for brick and mortar stores. Customers love hunting for a better bargain, so why not participate? This will further incentivize customers to shop at your store over anyone else’s. Make sure to mention any sales in your newsletter so that all of your returning customers are in more of a hurry to get back! Be careful not to discount too much and making your profit margins dismal, but at the same time, the better the discount, the more likely someone is to not only participate, but spread the word to friends! Announce your discount through your social media outlets as well! MiiDuu News has more on how to utilize both newsletters and coupons!

5) Remember, time is of the essence! It takes the search engine spiders a while to find your site, so make sure to get all of these changes implemented as soon as possible! You want to be as high in the search results as possible when your customers start shopping, and updating the week before Thanksgiving isn’t going to cut it! If you haven’t already put these tips to work on your site, go do so now!

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