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The Facebook Application for MiiDuu is Officially Ready for Use!

Here at MiiDuu we’re very excited to announce that the MiiDuu Shop application for Facebook is ready to use! We’ve put a lot of time into making it as easy to use and professional looking as possible, so we hope you find this new feature as exciting as we do!

Not only did Facebook recently surpass Google as the world’s most visited site, but people who use Facebook do so often and for longer periods of time. Facebook states that “people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook” and that half of their active users (around 250,000,000 people) log on to Facebook on any given day. That means, on average, each user is on Facebook for around one and a half hours a day! Clearly, being able to utilize this social network as a sales tool will reap large rewards, but even better is the fact that being able to fully integrate your store into a Facebook page is still a new phenomenon, so you have the chance to get in on this exciting new feature on the ground floor. If used to it’s full potential, this feature could grow your business farther than you ever thought possible.

Don’t worry, MiiDuu’s commitment to making our site easy to use while providing free, fully functional, professional stores remains strong with our integration into Facebook. Linking up your existing MiiDuu store to a Facebook page can be done in just a few clicks with easy to follow instructions. The MiiDuu team has also designed a professional looking layout and theme optimized for use in Faceook, so you don’t have to worry about anything but expanding your customer base. With such great marketing potential at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Integrate your store into Facebook now! Don’t have a store? No worries, just head over to MiiDuu.com today and sign up! You’ll be selling on Facebook in no time!

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