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Can You Create a Great Website WITHOUT SEO?

I recently came across an article that stood on an ant-SEO soapbox and suggested that you not only could, but should, create a great website with great web traffic without SEO. I have to admit, at first I was quite interested. Not having to worry about SEO would be great! The more I actually read the article, however, the more it avoided one glaring problem with it’s proposed SEO-less method of climbing the search engine rankings: it involves SEO.

The article slams SEO and those who offer  SEO services, even white hat SEO, stating that, “People who do White Hat SEO play by the rules. They don’t break any Google Terms of Service (mostly) and they stick to the techniques which are deemed to be legitimate. The problem is that they go over the top and they entirely miss the point.” This statement is based on the assumption that if you are practicing good SEO, you are ignoring the rest of your site and failing to produce quality content. What it fails to take into account, is that quality content is part of SEO. In fact, the author even touches on the similarities between optimizing a site and creating a quality site without acknowledging that they are similar because building a good site is a very large percentage of your SEO:

A remarkable amount “Pro SEO Strategies for better rankings” actually coincide with what a good web developer would tell you to do in order to have a good website. Using proper heading tags, creating simple and well structured links to navigate through your site, ensuring that relevant content is well presented and has related content easily available, creating content on your site which other people will want to link to and talk about.

Of course they coincide! If you’re doing it correctly, creating a great website and an optimized site should be the same thing. The article does highlight a good point though: if you’re ignoring the content of your website, it doesn’t matter how good your Alexa rank is or how many keywords you’re optimized for. In the end, you want to get people on your site, staying on your site, buying from your site, and coming back to your site. So make sure that you are keeping your content fresh and relevant to your keywords, and that your site is user friendly and enjoyable. If you want to focus your attention on keeping your content up to date, interesting, and relevant instead of constantly reading up on SEO, that’s fine. Just don’t pretend what you’re doing isn’t in and of itself SEO.

To find the full article go to http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/09/create-great-websites-without-any-seo/ and make sure to check out the end of the article. They have a case study/interview that highlight the importance of content in any SEO campaign.

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