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A Fun Way to Get Traffic to Your Site

For some people, SEO is in and of itself, fun. It’s like a puzzle trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work. For others, SEO is tedious and often slips down the to-do list as a result. There might be a fun way that you haven’t yet thought of yet: Forums!

Finding a dofollow forum that relates to your business is a great way to drum up traffic and create links. This is an important distinction. While nofoloow forums can still lead to more traffic for your website, you will not get a backlink for them. In dofollow forums, just put your store or blog’s url in your signature, and then use the forum as usual. Don’t be spammy or self promoting, just be active. Your link will be there for those who are interested. You might also try using keywords in your posts, as forums often show up at the top of search pages. Most of the dofollow forums require you to make a certain number of posts before you attach links, so use that time to introduce yourself into the forum and build a rapport with the community. then, when you can introduce links, it will seem more organic and people will be more likely to click on them.

There are all kinds of forums out there, with topics covering almost every topic under the sun, so whatever you’re selling there is probably a related forum. If you are already active on forums unrelated to your product, you can still add a link in your signature. For help finding a forum, check out this list of 600 Dofollow Forums and explore a bit to find one that’s suited to your business/interests.

Forums don’t replace the rest of your SEO plan, so make sure to keep updating that blog and refining keywords, but if used correctly they can greatly enhance your web presence and be fun at the same time!

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