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A Real Life Look at the Impact of SEO

For those of you who are new to online marketing, it can often be hard to fully realize it’s importance. You hear all these SEO tips and keyword pointers, but when you don’t see immediate, easily identifiable results it’s easy to forget just how important it is. If you need a reminder, just think of the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. Do you know what I’m talking about? If you do, you also know the value of good SEO.

I stumbled up this article today and I think it does a great job of highlighting the importance of SEO without getting caught up in jargon or other boring stuff that non-SEO experts don’t feel like reading 🙂 It’s called SEO lessons from the ‘ground zero mosque’, and it theorizes that SEO is responsible for the ubiquitous usage of the terms “Ground Zero” and “Mosque” when neither was accurate. Because those that started the brouhaha were against the building, they picked a contentious turn of phrase that they knew would incite passionate, emotional responses from many Americans. As reporters started to look into claims of a mosque being built on Ground Zero, it became clear that it was actually a Muslim community center (similar to a JCC) and it was a couple blocks away from Ground Zero, not AT it or ON it. Still, even those reporters and bloggers (and anyone else posting content in hopes of getting views) who wanted to advocate religious freedom found themselves having to use the terms “mosque” and “ground zero” because “muslim community center” and “lower Manhattan” just didn’t get the same exposure. From there, things just continued to snowball.

Clearly there were other factors that contributed to the disproportionate usage of these terms on both sides of the argument. The news media itself would have been drawn to these more attention grabbing words as well. The impact of SEO, however, is still clearly visible in this example. This example is a news story, but just think of what harnessing some of this power for your business could do?

That being said, remember you are not writing for your keywords. You want to create genuinely interesting content, and then adapt it for your keywords. Even if useless posts full of great keywords (or worse, unrelated keywords) get people to your blog or website, it won’t take the average internet browser 10 seconds to get bored with your site and x out of the box without clicking on anything, and if you have an online shop, they certainly aren’t going to buy anything.

So just stick with the golden rules of SEO, quality content and quality keywords, and next time you need a little motivation to do your keyword research, just think about the ground zero mosque.

  1. 1nestor
    September 15, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Thanks for the mention MiiDuu.
    You raised a very important point that I wasn’t able to add in the article. You are right content and relevance are still very vital. Readers can always be triccked into clicking on an article with a catchy phrase, but they’ll soon leave a site if they find no value in it.

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