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The Rise of Facebook Integration

Here at MiiDuu we’ve been working hard to complete an app that will allow users to fully integrate their store into Facebook. Your products, categories, description, and even your theme will be available in a tab on your business’s Facebook page. Users will not only be able to shop, but also “Like” and comment on your products.  We think it’s pretty cool, because it not only allows you grow your customer base and boost sales, but it makes shopping easier for the customer and makes it more social.

We’re really excited about it, so we’ve been busy getting ready for the launch. This means, of course, doing some new keyword research*.  So I went to Google Insights for Search and got the following graph for the search term “Facebook Integration”:

Graph of the Rise of the Search Term "Facebook Integration"

It’s amazing how quickly Facebook has grown over the last two years. Just a year ago the search was only about half as popular! This really drives home how important social media is to your business. Not only do you need to be promoting your business with social media, you need to be fully integrating into them. The other thing I noticed was how this search is only popular in the United States. Facebook started in the US, but it is now a worldwide community. It will be interesting to watch how quickly this Facebook integration craze seeps into the greater online community. Perhaps if you (or your customer base) is  from outside the United States you still have time to get into the integration craze relatively early.

Here’s another (albeit probably much less statistically accurate) example for those of us who  like cartoons more than charts and graphs 🙂 :

According to Wikipedia, a Compete.com study revealed Facebook as the most used social network (based on monthly active users) in January 2009. In comparison, this cartoon from http://xkcd.com is from Spring 2007 which is based on the artist’s research:

xkcd.com Social Network Map

xkcd.com Social Network Map

So there you go. Whether you prefer charts or comics, it’s pretty clear that social networking is here to stay. If you want to be here to stay as well*, you better integrate with Facebook ASAP!

*Speaking of being here to stay: have you done your keyword research for your blog/store?? Have you updated it recently? This is an integral part of getting (and MAINTAINING) your web traffic, so make sure this is a regularly recurring item on your SEO/Marketing to-do list!

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