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Whether You’re an Online Retailer or an Online Shopper, This Privacy Bill Affects YOU.

A few months ago a draft of a bill was released that looks to improve your online privacy. The debate over this bill continues to grow more and more contentious by the day, and the outcome of the bill will have very large implications for everyone on the internet. So, do you know where you stand on it?

The bill basically proposes that all websites would have to notify users what information they collect and how it is used. Additionally, they would need to require an “opt-in” option in regards to third-parties. These third parties are mostly online advertising customers who use the information from your cookies (basically, your online history) to show you targeted ads.  To read a more in-depth description of the bill, along with some commentary from both sides, you can visit this article on Computer World.

Proponents of the bill are hoping to enhance the privacy of online consumers, however, many say this bill simply lets online retailers use their privacy policy as a shield against any and all online privacy complaints. Online retailers and advertisers, however, are also wary of the bill. If a user is asked to opt in every single time they are about to see a targeted ad, both the advertisers and the users would suffer. Advertisers would make much less money because they would have a much smaller audience, and those surfing the internet would quickly get annoyed by constantly being asked to opt-in to various advertisements. A good article explaining the “thread” of this bill can be found at Business Week.

Still, with more and more information being passed around the internet, where is the line drawn? Even those of us who are invested in eCommerce and online advertising still use the internet as individuals and have our own privacy to think about. TG Daily has a short and simple article up about John Kerry’s call for an online privacy bill.

So what do you think? Is an online privacy bill necessary? If so, do you agree with the current draft? How would you change it? This is something that will affect everyone, so if you have a strong opinion, make sure you get your voice heard! Contact your local congressmen today and let them know how you feel!

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