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Tips for making your Miiduu store look like YOU want it

So you opened your store, and it’s looking good. You’re not sure if you like the default theme though, so you click on the Design tab and select Theme. Just pick which one you want, and click active. It’s that easy. Now that you have your theme picked, you’re almost ready to roll. Only problem? You want your banners on  your store, not our example ones! Don’t worry, they are really easy to change (and they’re great for gauging which images you want to put where based on size and shape!). Here are some quick instructions (with a real screenshot) on how you can change them to your liking:

From your administration page select the “Design” tab, and then click on “Banner Images”. To change an image, simply click on the image to open the image manager. Click on “Upload” and select an image. You can upload as many images as you want. When you have finished uploading your photos, then simply double click on the photo you want to use as your banner. Once you have uploaded an image into the image manager, it will stay there and can be used for any future changes.

image manager

Piece of cake! Next you’ll need to make sure and change your store logo. Don’t worry, it’s just as easy! Simply select the Systems tab, and then click on Settings. From there, click on the Image tab. You will then be able to change your store logo and icon just like you changed your banners!

Ok, now check out your store, and pay attention! Do you like how your categories are set up? What about where they are displayed? Is there anything there you don’t want? Anything not there you wish was? Would it be perfect if you could just switch one thing? Well then go back to your administration page and click on Design and then Layout. See all those little boxes that say things like “Category”? Just pick the one you want to move, and drag and drop it to where you want it to be (Sidebar? Left or Right? Body? You name it!). If you want to add more boxes than it’s letting you, just scroll down to the bottom and change the number where it says “Number of Blocks in the Body” or “Number of Blocks in the Sidebar”. Isn’t that easy? I’ll even throw in some more screenshots:

how to make your related products visible to your customers

how to add sidebar boxes

And there you go! Have more questions for the team at MiiDuu.com? Shoot us an e-mail at contact@miiduu.com!

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