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Is SEO old news with the release of Google Instant?

As soon as Google unveiled Google Instant a contentious debate about the future of SEO ignited. Everywhere you went on the internet said “SEO is dead” or “why SEO is not dead”. As SEO is an integral part of any online business, here at MiiDuu.com we decided to take a look at different sides being presented.

Side 1: SEO is Dead
Steve Rubel, Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, is the biggest name to come out and say that “Google Instant Makes SEO Irrelevant.” His main point is basically that with all the Google suggestions in real time, users will be refining their searches more and more, and thus no two users will see the same web results. If you don’t know what’s going to show up for who, it’s a lot harder to guess which keywords will work with which demographics and that kind of thing. The linked post is short and sweet and easy to understand, so check it out. TechCrunch also wrote an article about what a game changer it is for SEO because SEO marketers now have to optimize for the first few letters, not the whole word.

Side 2: SEO Will Never Die
The other side of the coin is that Google Instant doesn’t really do much to effect SEO. As things have progressed in the last 24-ish hours, this side is getting more and more of the spotlight. Outspoken Media wrote a very clear article on why the whole “SEO is Dead” thing was just a big misunderstanding in the first place.  She specifically calls out TechCrunch for just not getting how Google Instant works. Google will now present results faster, but it’s just guessing what you will type. So even if you are fully optimized for “Som” if you are trying to get results for “Something” and Google thinks the user is searching for “Somewhere”, your results won’t show up. For a little bit more detail on how SEO works and how Google Instant (won’t) effect it, check out Danny Sullivan’s post on the Search Engine Land blog.

Our advice is to make the most out of this new feature. Start typing in your keywords and seeing which ones pop up first, and which ones seem more relevant to your site. If you use this to your advantage, it could very well have a huge impact on your SEO (in a good way!).

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